Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This Ole House

I didn't want to say anything yesterday because of the various and sundry psychokillers lurking about, but Kyle took Henry camping last night. It was the first time ever that Kyle has taken Henry overnight. I've stayed away overnight and he has spent a night with my folks while we were in CT, but I've never been sleeping at home without him being there, too. It gave me the wiggins. Being along in this big (to me) house-a house with two floors (whoa) was freaky. I kept reminding myself that our creaky old floor boards are pretty much like a security system and finally fell asleep watching The Colbert Report on my laptop in bed at 2:30am.

Speaking of the laptop, I made a little temporary sleeve for my little darling until I find one that jumps off the screen and begs me to buy it. Michael Miller "Knit Pirates" 100% cotton print, natural cotton batting for cush and an inner layer of red terry because I didn't have the red fleece I thought I had and it was the only thing I had that seemed fluffy. I ironed a Fishcakes monster patch on there to break up the repeating pattern of the print, but I still need to sew it down. Get it "I'm Wired", but I'm wireless because I'm on the laptop. Get it? I didn't want to mess around with a zipper so I just went with two cherry resin snaps for a closure.

The boys were supposed to be gone for 2 days, but I was a tiny smooch relieved when Kyle called this morning and said they were cutting it short and were on their way home. I got pitifully few pictures...

I don't know what Henry is trying to do here, but Tommy likes it!


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anniebel said...

I believe that Henry is doing a variation of Tree Pose. What ever the pose he sure looks happy! Henry I love you!