Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Eli's Birthday!

A wonderful customer of mine gave me permission to post these amazing pictures of her wee beastie Eli's very first birthday party. Does it get any cuter?

Double bonus points for letting the little man eat cake in that outfit-custom Crankys (made from Cestari Fine Merino, I believe) and a super special monster tee. You might recognize that monster as being designed by my favorite monster makin' mama, Voz, over at Fishcakes Designs. WooHoo!


Jonesy said...

What a most adorable wee beastie! How cool that several talented women (wee beastie's mama included) added their personal touch to such a great Birthday outfit! Bravo.

He's looks more scrumptious than the cake he ate even.

anniebel said...

You can't get much cuter than that! He is precious!

Shannon said...

He is mine. Aren't I the luckiest mama?