Friday, August 01, 2008

August Customs List

Sorry for the delay. I was picking up my first batch of Monster Bibs from my new seamstress and she couldn't meet until noon. I hope to get those up on the site soon, but I'll be posting pictures and seeing if there is any interest in pre-orders for those later today.


The List:

Tami J.
Rebecca H.
Christopher/Vanessa J.
Melissa G.
Angie S.

I sent out emails to these folks, so if you see your name up here check your inbox and spam folder. I know there is always the chance of two people having the same name and initial, so if you see your name but didn't get the email, let me know.

Happy August!

Also, don't forget about the big clearance over at Quilt Baby. I know some of you have already gone over and picked some things up, but she is adding new items all day long. There are a TON of discontinued prints and items with small flaws at crazy discounts to make room for her new Fall prints and designs.

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Jonesy said...

AUGH! Stop sending me over to Quilt paypal can't take much more!!!