Thursday, July 31, 2008

Huge Sale at Quilt Baby

I thought I'd give you guys a heads up that my BFF Jess is having a huge sale over at the Quilt Baby Etsy shop starting at midnight tonight. Yes, I just said BFF...what?

Here's a sneeky little peek at some of the things that will be sold off at a deep discount to make room for some gorgeous new things on the regular Quilt Baby site in late summer.


Jesseca Bellemare said... did say BBF ;)

Thanks for the post Amy!


physlet said...

I nabbed a ton of stuff this morning- thanks!

christine said...

Oh wow. Small world. Jesseca made my daughters crib bedding and favorite blanket. Soon we will have our hands on a beastly pair of crankypants.

The crib set I purchased for my DD is AMAZING! I love it! The blanket is just as dreamy. No wonder your BFF, you both are the bee's knees!