Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, M'dear.

Today is my tiny man's 5th birthday. I can hardly believe it. I was going to post a few pictures of him from the past few years superquick but I got sucked right into Picassa and sat here watching him grow up on film (well, the digital equivalent) for the past hour or so.

Darlin'- even though as I type this you are throwing a holy fit because Daddy made you turn off the Wii- I love you more than anything from this here planet to a galaxy far, far away. Your Pepere once told me that all of the things that drove him crazy when I was your age are the character traits that he admires in me now, and I can see the same thing happening with you. You learned a new word yesterday-tenacious- and that is you. As you put it "Because I say please and please and please no matter how many times you say 'no', and I don't give up. I'm tenacious. Me and my Daddy both". You are the most stubborn, frustrating, wonderful person and I love being your mother.

Happy Birthday, baby.


Auntie K said...

Happy Birthday Henry!!

Auntie K

Susannah said...

This post made me cry! They grow up too fast! Happy Birthday Henry:) Gabe and Susananh :)

physlet said...

He is such a beautiful little boy- Happy Birthday to Henry!!!

MamaHoldYou said...

Oh wow! Henry's b-day is the same as my dd's! She is 1 now ... gosh it goes fast.

Happy birthday to all :)