Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Economy is Like...Woah.

Well, it's happened. The state of the economy has hit me.

I have spoken to my Peruvian contact and, due to the 30% drop in the value of the dollar in relation to Peruvian Nuevo Sol, he has had to raise the price I pay for each pair of longies knit in the cooperative in order to pay the women a living wage. This means that I will be raising the price of Classic Crankypants to $80 a pair, up from $70. Even though this is the first time I've raise prices in quite a while, it hurts a bit to do so. I've said in the past that I will keep the price at $70 for those of you on the wait list and I will honor that, but anyone who adds their name from this point on will be charged the new price. I am having the price changed on the website right now to reflect this so that no one is misled.

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physlet said...

That really sucks for you, but I'm glad the women will continue to receive a fair wage and Crankys are definitely still worth it!