Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wait List, Pre-Order...and stuff.

I'm still in CT, but I wanted to do a quick update about the wait list and whatnot.

The last batch of pre-orders is closed, but if you were just late on the draw or feel like you should ahve gotten an email but didn't, email me! I over ordered to cover stragglers and folks who fell through the wait list cracks, so there might still be a pair in there for you.

The wait list is no longer posted. Only the first 150 people or so were on the blog list and they have all been taken care of so the wait list blog is no more. Posting it got to be too much to keep up with, so I am now just keeping it on the computer. If you email me and ask to be on the list, you should receive an email confirmation within a week or so. I've been slacking this month with all of the other things that have been going on, so if you emailed me within the past month don't stress about it yet. I'll be sending out a big batch reply to everyone in my inbox when I get home. Pinky swear.

For folks who were on LAST month's pre-order list, they should be en route as I type and hopefully you'll start getting balance invoices (and then shipping notices) Monday and/or Tuesday.

We had a blast in Burlington with my brother, Auntie K and Sam. Henry and Sam finally warmed up to each other the night before we left and got some good cousing interaction going. Kirstin uploaded a little video of it to You Tube, but I can't figure out how to imbed it here. We went to Shelburne Farms and saw a chicken parade, a cow get milked and cheese making in progress. The boys were beat or we would have stayed even longer. I took a few pictures and I'll upload them when I get back to Asheville. I bet you can't wait.

We are back in CT now, and after a morning of breakfast and strawberry picking have set aside a few actual knitting hours. I'm even hoping that little man takes a nap. Tomorrow night my mom and I are leaving the boys behind and heading up to Northamoton, MA to Web's-the largest yarn store in the country-for a knitting drop in and some coffeee and chit chat with my sister in craftiness, Meri of SweetKnits. I can't wait. Friday I think we are going to Mystic Seaport to the big aquarium.

Alright. Back to the needles before I waste all of my time blathering on. I hope everyone is well!

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physlet said...

Oooo, I can't wait to see pics of the chicken parade, mainly so I can see exactly what a chicken parade entails...
Your vacation sounds like it's going great so far!