Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of an Era

Well, it's official. I'm the mother of a gigantic Kindergartener. No more pre-school for us. As we were leaving the girls who watch the kids after school started crying (they're high school seniors in the Child Development program). Then their teacher started crying. I had to high tail it out of there before I started crying. Sheesh!

I cannot believe this, but I might actually come out of this crazy month *thisclose* to on time. I have to give myself a tiny little pat on the back. I did regular custom orders, invoiced, contacted the first 150 people on the wait list, invoiced, packed and shipped 56 pairs of Peruvian longies, took and invoiced another 52 pre-orders for the next batch, bought a HOUSE and am almost going to finish on time. Almost. I just finished these little guys:

and have started on the very last pair of May customs, which Sandra has graciously told me could wait until June if I needed more time. They will be my very first pair of Crankypants making their way to Croatia, so I'm excited about them.

I did take an hour out of my day today to go check out an estate that is being auctioned off tomorrow night. We are in desperate need of a few pieces of furniture for the new house, so I thought I'd see if anything fit the bill. There was enough cool stuff that I registered and will be bidding tomorrow night, it should be exciting! I'll definitely post pictures of anything I might snag.

In another fun tidbit, Dom "the sticker guy" emailed me and said there is a possibility that we could get REAL scratch and sniff monster stickers made with one of your suggestions.

How. Cool.

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Kira said...

I can relate to the last day of preschool.
I used to work at a preschool as a one-on-one aide for a little girl with autism. I cried the last day of school after I put her on the bus. Thankfully, I got another year with her by applying to be her aide in Kindergarten. But with the school year finishing up in 3 more weeks, I'm anticipating the crying-after-I-put-her-on-the-bus yet again.