Tuesday, May 13, 2008


With all this talk of Classic Crankys and houses and Kindergarten where are all the May customs? Well, I have to admit that in all the excitement of the beginning of the month I have fallen pretty hopelessly behind. But with the customs I have finished, it kind of seems like a jungle around here!

Mr. Hippo:

Mr. Lion:

I've never done a lion before so I was a little nervous, as I always am while working out something new, but I really love how it came out. I think the colors are perfect for this little Panthera leo.

These will ship tomorrow and I'm hoping to start invoicing for the first batch of Classic Crankys and open the next 100 or so on the wait list for pre-orders either tomorrow or Thursday. I am supposed to touch base with my "Peru guy" Thursday, so I hope to know more about turnaround time then.

Tomorrow will be another busy one. I'm hoping to meet a local customer and her wee beastie for a little photo shoot with the Peruvian Crankys sometime in the morning depending on weather and the mood of my little Crankymodel. I have to clean the house, which has fallen into some serious disarray, so that my land lord can come in and photograph it to put on the market to rent. I need to get a sitter for Henry on Saturday after his soccer game so that we can start going through the boxes and boxes and boxes in the basement Clean Sweep style. I need to wrap up the first wave of wait list orders, get invoices out and get them ready to ship. I have to get the bum done on Skye's Princess Monster Skirty at LEAST. I have to do a repair on the knees of another pair of well loved Crankys and get them back in the mail.



sue said...

Oh those hippo pants are great, and I especially love the lion ones too. You are so talented at designing them all.

anniebel said...

How cute!! You've never done a lion before.....would never guess it by this one! I came out great? The Hippo is so cute too! Love them! Love them! Good Luck on the big throw away!