Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The SWARM!!!!

Amazingly, I forgot to bring my camera to Henry's first soccer practice ever yesterday afternoon. BAD mama! It's a shame, too because they are quite a little bunch. Given that their uniform consists of a bright yellow jersey, black shorts and matching bright yellow socks and their tendency to travel in a large group around wherever the ball happens to be, I came up with the team name "The Swarm". Well, Coach Tommy is a big English football fan, so I think he'll be calling them "Swarm United". The amazingly huge language dork in me is secretly impressed that they have a name that doesn't end in 'S'. Did you know that there are only 3 NBA teams (and NO NFL teams) whose names do not end in 'S'? I told you that I'm a language dork...

The high point of the practice was when they all huddled up to try to pick a team name. Tommy has never worked with kids this young and wanted to let them pick their own name so they would feel ownership of the team. It was such a nice sentiment that I didn't have the heart to tell him what a disaster it would be. What followed:

Tommy: Let's think of some things that are yellow!
Henry: Our shirts! Let's be The Shirts!
Kid 2: Yeah-the shirts!
Kid 3: Shirts! Shirts!
Kid 4: Shirts are yellow!
Kid 5: I like yellow!

And thus they were dubbed "The Swarm".

Another highlight was when Tommy tried to explain the #1 rule in soccer.

Tommy: What part of the body do we NOT use in soccer?
Little cute-as-a-button Girl: DEAD bodies!
Tommy: Uhhhhhh...

Their first game is Saturday morning. Can't. Wait.


KL said...

My first soccer team had red and blue striped jerseys. Our coach also thought it would cool to let us name ourselves.

We were called The Green Dragons.

Our banner was a big green dragon wearing a red and blue striped shirt.

I totally forgot about that until just now.

Go Swarm!

anniebel said...

Please, please don't forget the camera on Saturday. Henry has fans that are waiting patiently!

Short Street Cakes said...

O my god, you are cracking me up.