Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine!

Thanks to everyone at Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine (especially Lacey) for the awesome little blurb in the "Cravings" section of this month's issue! It can be found at Barnes and Noble if anyone (read: my mom) wants to run right out and get a copy.

Also, congrats to our friend John W. Golden for his glowing review in yesterday's Goodyblog! We love his By Order of Management prints, too! So much so that you can find them in the Crankypants shop here!


anniebel said...

Man O Man...just like you predicted I went to scoff up an issue of the mag. I guess New England is a bit behind the times. (also a prediction of yours!) Our Boarders still has the March issue on the selves! I guess I'll have to wait a little longer! Mama

Cameoko said...

I saw your pants in this magazine and I think they are absolutely awesome!!! (I lovingly call my little girl cranky pants) I love love love them!!! :)