Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Cranky...

The Good:

I am finally totally caught up! All straggling March orders will go out first thing in the morning!

Miriam's Wicked Goofy Monsters:

Liana's Bright Pink Girl on a Bookstack Bag:

And Melody, your Young Reader Set was also finished today so your package goes out tomorrow as well.

The Bad:

Henry was sent home today (only about a half hour early) with a sore throat and a fever of about 102. I am hopinghopinghoping it isn't strep. If he wakes up in rough shape it's a trip to the ped for us. The poor kid can't even swallow. He is konked out on the couch right now but he's kind of moaning and groaning in his sleep and I'm afraid I'll wake him up if I try to move him into bed. Poor little guy.

Do any of you fonts of mama wisdom have any amazing tips for sore throats? I couldn't even get him to eat yogurt or soup. I hate seeing him feeling so yucky. Wah!


sue said...

I would try some panadol. If he is able to swallow anything try gargling salt and warm water to assist with the sore throat too.

Kayla said...

I second the salt water garggling...and also something with honey in it. Like just straight up honey, or some tea with a good bit in it...it will help coat..