Friday, April 04, 2008


When Henry is sick we watch too much TV. He has been putting up with the likes of Berenstain Bears and Clifford the Big Red Dog all morning while waiting (sort of) patiently for his most favorite show ever, Super Why, to come on. What follows is an example of his amazing sense of logic (and obviously healthy self esteem) summed up in a neat little package.

Me: Guess what's on next?
Henry: "Super Why".
Me: You're right!
Henry: You were trying to trick me. But you can't. I'm the best. [pause] I can say "jalepeno".


Kayla said...

That is one of my DD's favorite shows! :) I don't think she understands all of it yet only being 3, but still..she loves it all the same.

Henry looks adorable in his PJ's, however it looks like he just bit into a lemon or something..haha..

Hope he feels better soon, and that no one else gets it.

amy. said...

That's his "What the heck are you talking about? I am so much smarter than you." look, lol. I get it about 756 times a day.

KL said...

Hip hip hooray, the Super readers save the day!

Sam's fav too! It was pure accident, since it comes on before Word World, and that's MY favorite and was the only show I would let the kid watch...turns out he likedsSuper Why better...will actually sit while it's on! So now we watch both :-)

Amy said...

Super Why is my 2 & 4 year old favorite show!