Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flat Stanley Pt. 2

Yesterday was Flat Stanley's last day in town. We tried to go to the West End Bakery so I could get a picture of the little guy baking some muffins or something, but they were having a huge Fair Wages event there and it was too busy to bug them with Stanley. It wasn't too busy to get one of their super yummy blueberry muffins and a giant cup of coffee (made and served by workers being paid a fair wage- Yay West End Bakery!), though. We headed out to the big WNC Farmers Market instead, where Flat Stanley posed with a gorgeous display of honey.

The old woman who ran the honey stand declared Flat Stanley's zipper to be "mighty suspicious".

After poking around the market a while (strawberry season is close!) we went to do our civic duty and take part in early voting for the Democratic Primary, which is officially held May 2.

Then we headed downtown to get pictures with a couple of Asheville's quirky statues. The Flat Iron:

And the Bluegrass Players:

Flat Stanley got one more taste of "The Land of the Big Sky":

and then it was time to get all tucked back into his envelope and start the trip back to his first grade classroom in Minnesota.

Safe travels, Flat Stanley!


tam said...

Flat Stanley is a busy guy. I love your blog that I found through my happy little life blog. Those first graders are going to be really excited ti see where he has been. That is a big generous gesture.

anniebel said...

I think this is a great idea! I'd never heard of it before. You did a great job showing Stanley the sites. And Flat Stanley is might cute. Your Mama friend has quite a talented first grader! Bye bye Stanley. Hope you enjoyed your trip!