Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Beckham- Look Out!!!

Looks cute, right? Looks like fun, right?

It was only our second practice, but it is becoming clear that youth soccer is not the sport for my little order bug. He can't fathom the idea that someone stealing the ball away from him could possibly be part of the rules of any civilized game. And it really hurts his feelings. There is one kid who is really good and he's pretty much the only kid who gets to kick the ball for more than 1.7 seconds. The chances of Henry running after a kid and trying to kick the ball away are... slim, to say the least. It's chaos, and Henry doesn't do chaos very well. He spent most of the practice sitting on the "sidelines" with his bottom lip jutting out to Chicago. I put sidelines in quotes because there were no sidelines. There were 2 goals, but the kid would get the ball and then just run "away". Away could be towards the other goal or it could be halfway to the parking lot, depending on who was chasing him. I knew it would be crazy madness- I mean, 10 3-4 year olds chasing a ball is going to be chaotic- but I didn't anticipate how violently Henry would react to it. He is completely unwilling to get into the fray. He wants to wait his turn and kick the ball, nice and orderly. Not happening. This makes him ornery and sad. Poor kid. Maybe tennis is more of his game...

Pete Sampras- Look Out!

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