Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunny (or Incredibly Rainy) Florida!

Yeah. It started pouring pretty much the minute we pulled up in front of the house. Ah well.

Henry did manage to get in a quick beach walk and dip in the pool in between showers, so he was a happy camper. So I am a happy camper. He's been cracking me up lately and I'm becoming more and more convinced that he is the coolest kid on Earth. First off, we drove 9 hours yesterday and we stopped a grand total of twice. Nary a peep from him in the backseat as he sat and played with LEGO. Guy who invented LEGO? I pledge my eternal undying love to you for ever and ever, amen. He's also been doing this thing where he tries to work big words into his sentences. He's started saying things like:

"Mommy, if you turn off the light I will lose the ability to see" and
"I suppose I'd like a juice box" and my favorite today
"I was so impressed that you won a coffee mug at LEAF".

Never mind that LEAF was in October and he's never mentioned that coffee mug before today. But he was mighty "impressed" by it tonight (while it is sitting 750 miles away at home in Asheville). He's a little weirdo and I love him.

We also dyed eggs to leave for the Easter Bunny after dinner. I was anxious to use the new macro lens we got for the camera, but we haven't mastered it yet.

I thought we were going to make it through the whole night without ruining the Easter magic for the grandparents. I shouldn't have pushed it by reminding him that we would have to get up and find baskets and eggs left by the Easter Bunny, to which Henry replied "I think he must be just a man. Just a silly man with funny ears on. Sooooo silly [insert eye roll here]". So much for that...


Jessie said...

He is a beautiful boy Amy and the pictures turned out very nice - love the last one!

Happy Easter!

anniebel said...

Great pictures!! He is one adorable kiddo. As for the Easter Bunny? I think Henry is just a realist! Easter Bunny just isn't a logical phenomenon. I mean........really Mom!