Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm not that big of a "stuff" person, but every once in a while something catches my eye.

I just got a sweet little packet from Glasgow, Scotland with a few patches I ordered from Gorjuss Art. They are awesome! I got two different print patches. This one:

I am going to use on a bag for my very own self! I am going to do a grown up messenger style bag with a flap out of Malabrigo in the Velvet Grapes colorway and slap that patch on the flap part.

I also got a few patches made out of this print:

that I am going to use for a super limited run of library bags. I love that print, I think it is so pretty. Books AND striped tights? I'm in!

In other "stuff" news, I am in desperate NEED of these:

They were designed for Converse by Camilla Engman (who rocks my socks) for their contribution to the Bono brainchild (RED) program, which features cool products sold to benefit various AIDS and malaria projects in Africa. They are way out of my price range and the Converse website has to the one of the most annoying sites I've ever been to, but I want them!!!

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Ramie's Mama said...

You realize you MUST do the girl on books patch on a book bag for VV's Seuss stocking, no? It's like a goth take on the Cat in the Hat's...hat.
Must, must. Love those patches!