Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...

I am sick. Again. One of the down sides of having a kid in school is that they drag home every germ in the greater metropolitan area for the whole family to enjoy. *cough*

In better news, I just got off the phone with Peru (well my Peruvian contact, not the whole actual country) and I have an ETA on my first batch of longies. I should have them on my doorstep by the end of April, which is fabulous news. Most of the hold up is with the yarn, so once that is all worked out there will only be about a 2 week turnaround between batches. He is buying enough yarn up for about 400 pairs (kinda scary) so we should have this kind of lag time again for quite a while.

I also wanted to address the wait list, which has been the most ginormous pain in my booty lately. Some folks have been on it for a loooooooong time and they no longer care about Crankypants, which I completely understand. It has been very frustrating for me to keep emailing folks on the list when I have classics in stock, knowing that there are tons of people who want them, only to receive no reply. So I have decided to put the wait list on the back burner until I can send gigantic mass emails taking orders and am able to actually fill them with longies from Peru. It will be so much less confusing and less frustrating for me. I'm sorry if that makes people angry but I can't do it one at a time anymore, it is just too much. As soon as Peru gets finalized I will whip right through it, I promise.

I do have a small bunch of classic longies sitting here in need of good homes, I will take care of that issue tomorrow, so check back here if you are interested.

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