Friday, February 22, 2008

Dern You Jar Jar Binks!

So Kyle thought it was high time that Henry experienced some Star Wars magic, having such fond memories of it from when he was a little guy. He rented Episode 1, with the most annoying character in the history of movies: one Jar Jar Binks. But Kyle thought ole Jar Jar would make it more kid-like and less scary. Wrong! Several nights this week Henry has woken up with Star Wars themed nightmares. I spent from about 2 until 7 this morning sleeping on approximately 5% of my small child's small bed while his tiny body occupied the other 95%. Needless to say it was not the most restful night of my life.

I woke up, shuffled him off to school and finished Stacy's navy sabertooth longies.

I have been working my bum off trying to catch up on this short month's long list, but it looks like I'm still probably going to come in a little late. I have 3 pairs left for February, so it will be a race to the finish. One pair are board shorts, I might have a small chance. I think it depends on how well my fingers hold up. When my hands get sore I try to work on other things, but with a busted sewing machine, my options are limited. One thing I will work on is this stack of almostfinished classic longies I have here. Which brings me to the next item of business.

I have here, finished and ready to go:

All Gone! Check back over the next few days, though, I'll be listing more.

I have emailed people on the wait list about them, but the time frame I gave for a reply is up and I really need to get them outta here. Starting in April I will be devoting all in stock to the wait list until everyone has had a chance to get a pair. Until then, I am just going to offer what I have to my faithful readers first, then put them up on HC. They are $70 plus shipping, please be prepared to send payment immediately. Shoot me an email at if you want a pair and I will delete them as they go. I'll be listing more as I finish them, I think I have 7 pairs in all.

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