Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day in the Life Pt. 2

Well, it is almost noon-where morning turns into afternoon and I mentally start counting down the hours until the boys come home. I still have 4 hours, but at this point I can feel the day starting to tick tock away.

This has been a pretty productive morning, thankfully. I finished the waistband on my longies and cut 5 bibs. I got my things ready to ship. Shipping seems like no biggie, but it can be a time suck. For each package I have to log into PayPal, find the original order, type in all the shipping information, print the label, cut the label and tape it onto the packaging, get a hang tag, punch a hole in it, tie scrap yarn to it and put it on the item, get a business card and stickers, stick it all in the envelope and tape it up (I always worry things will get wet or damaged). Luckily I only had two things to ship today so it didn't take too long. While I was doing it I remembered a conversation about shipping label stickers, though, so when I was done I went and ordered some since I need polymailers anyway. While I was at the computer I checked in at all my regular spots and ogled some amazing projects at Ravelry. I returned Tela from WMAG's email, responded to about a dozen customer emails and sent out a mass mailing to my new wait list peeps.

Now I'm going to drag my sorry butt to the gym. I am telling myself that the gym will give me a burst of energy and I won't need to brew an afternoon pot of coffee, which I am trying to cut out of my day (I have convinced myself I am dying of stomach ulcers because I drink too much coffee). I can stop at the post office on the way there and stop at Earth Fare on the way home. Since Kyle is going to be late tonight I think we are going to stick with something I can make for dinner. Translation: something fool proof that can be heated up without me screwing it up completely. We have some gnocci in the fridge that is just the ticket but I need to get some salad stuff and bread to go with it. And if a package of spicy shrimp inari happens to jump into my shopping basket while I'm there I won't complain. We have no food in the house for lunch, blah.

Since it is Monday and the house is in a horrifyingly sorry state from a weekend of use and abuse, I'll probably spend a chunk of the afternoon getting it back together before the boys come home and trash it again. The shelf in the closet that all of our clothes hang from fell down this weekend (taking a big chunk of plaster with it) so that needs some attention. Kyle fixed the shelf, but everything that was in the closet is still in the middle of our bedroom. The living room is covered by a thin layer of LEGOs on pretty much every flat surface. How do you deal with LEGOs? I am glad Henry has started getting really into them because it is his kind of creative and I love to see him being creative. Granted, I wish he was as passionate about cleaning them up as he is scattering them about, and I wish my brother still worked at LEGO so he could hook a sister up, but I'll live.

Okay. Enough babbling. I have to go find my sports bra in a pile of laundry 7 feet high...


Scarlet said...

Why do you have to type shipping info into PP? Are people sending you money as service instead of goods?

amy. said...

No, I mean weight and class and insurance and all that jazz.