Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The YDub

That's what I've been calling the YWCA like a big dork. Even Kyle thinks it's dorky but I can't stop myself. The eliptical machine could possibly win the-most-boring-thing-ever-in-life competition. Since the magazine rack is sparsely populated with Outdoor Magazine, AARP and 8 month old issues of People, and they are sweatin' to the oldies on the YDub sound system, I find that I need to bring my own fun. Since I started going I've been trying to craft the perfect playlist, the right balance of power and pop to carry me through that endless expanse of time spent running to nowhere. I will happily accept reader suggestions. And I'm not above a little JT or Erasure to pull me through the rough spots. There's no room for "cutting edge hipster" when 70 year olds are kicking your ass on the treadmill and your underwear has migrated to somewhere just below your armpits. I am in love with the old women who walk around buck nekkid in the dressing room. This morning I was talking to a woman while I released my feet from the torment of my running shoes and she pulled her shirt and bra off in one fell swoop in the middle of a sentence. Though I admire and aspire to her comfort with her body, I do wish that the answer to the questions "Where do I look when someone I am talking to suddenly becomes topless?" in the membership literature I received upon joining the facility. As it was, I turned red and made a hasty retreat.



Suzanne said...

My current fav is KT Tunstall. Both of her albums have great upbeat tunes that keep my pace up.
I recommend...

Eye To The Telescope
- Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
- Suddenly I See

Drastic Fantastic
- Hold On
- Saving My Face
And these slower tunes:
- If Only
- Funnyman
- Little Favours and
- White Bird

She gets me through every time.

Ramie's Mama said...

Ew. Naked ladies. I tend to focus on my shoes and never look up...

I used to run track (a long, long time ago) and 'Break my Stride' by Matthew Wilder always kept me moving. And Depeche Mode's 'One Caress'--totally unexpected for the running vibe, but I found I could lose myself in the cello and violins and block the pain.
Those are the only two I remember. As I said, been a long time since I ran.
Ooh! This one just occured to me: Elton John 'Still Standin'--I remember Oprah doing a show on theme songs and some lady who overcame breast cancer used that as her theme song. I used it when I dumped my ex. Maybe you can use it as a check to reassure yourself that you haven't collapsed on that treadmill.

Terra said...

There is nothing like some loud White Stripes to get me going. So powerful and the drums/guitar just make me want to go go go. Lots to choose from too!

KL said...

I suggest selected Beastie Boys and Talking Heads for the beat. And if I ever was in need of an exercise mix, there would probably be some Cake.

Though the above can be poppy in their own right, never underestimate the motivational sounds of Kelly Clarkson (she resides in the closet of my fandom with Justin).