Monday, January 28, 2008

Ritual de lo Habitual

Our recycling gets picked up every other Monday. Every Sunday night I think about putting the recycling out, poke my head out the door to see if my neighbors have theirs out and then decide it can wait until morning. Every other Monday morning I am startled out of whatever task I am performing at roughly 7:30 by the most dreaded sound on Earth: the sound of the recycling truck coming around the corner when you have forgotten (again) to take it out to the curb. Every other Monday morning at roughly 7:30 I start the mad dash of running outside with armfuls of cans, bottles and cardboard, chucking them into the appropriate bins and dragging said bins to the curb before the recycling truck passes my house and I am stuck dragging them back inside for another 2 weeks. I look across the street and see my older and seldom seen neighbor doing the very same thing. Every other Monday morning at roughly 7:30, we beat the recycling truck to the curb, look at each other and say "We made it this time!", we smile widely at each other and we go back into our houses. The tiniest little things can make a community, no?

I took Henry out for a little adventure on Saturday morning and he was getting antsy in the car so I let him play with my iPhone. It has Tetris and a little Etch a Sketch thingie on it, so that usually keeps him occupied fairly well. I didn't even think anything of it until I tried to check my email on it later only to find that the little bugger had locked it up tight and set a new password! It took Kyle about 3 hours to restore it and unlock it. He had to reset my carefully forwarded, 17 account, totally rigged up email system and it still isn't working right-which brings me to an important note:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to get a hold of me, please use I know some folks have my personal email from past exchanges, but that address is no good now. I've been using a forwarder to send email from there to my new personal account, but I'm trying to simplify this crazy Habitrail of email accounts that I have, so I just got rid of it altogether. If I don't answer you right away it isn't because I don't love and adore you, it is because amy and computers are unmixy things and my poor, dear, put upon husband has finally tired of fixing my snafus and thrown the devil box out the window...

OH, I almost forgot today's most perfect song. I think it will be "Autumn Sweater" by Yo La Tengo. It has such an amazing feel to it and is one of my favorite Yo La Tengo songs ever, second only to their cover of Prince's "Pop Life". I got to see Yo La Tengo twice- once at a smaller venue, The Magic Stick, with The Magnetic Fields and once for a bigger New year's Eve show at The Majestic Theater (I think with Slumber Party and Chicks on Speed), both in Detroit.

Off to open house!


Kayla said... you love your iPhone? My loving hubby got me the iPod touch for Christmas and I just love it. Where did you find games for it? The only ones on iTunes for it says its not for our models..:(

Lisa said...

You need a longies knitted counter. I was browsing your flickr and wondered how many you have knit?

amy. said...

Kayla, I do love my iPhone, but I'd be lost without Kyle to futz with it for me. I have no idea where he got the games. He loves "apps" and goes looking for them all over the place.

Lisa, I wish I'd used a longies counter from the beginning so I knew how many pairs I've knit. :)