Thursday, January 03, 2008


I managed to snap a quick picture of my last December custom this morning. It is not the best picture I've ever taken. The snowy grossness outside means indoor lighting and I accidentally Photo Shopped a little chunk out of the leg. I just couldn't bring myself to go back and re-do the whole thing since I am super swamped with beginning of the month madness. I still think they're pretty cute...

Also, Rach was nice enough to give me permission to post some pictures she sent me of
her little one in the hippo Crankys I was unable to take a picture of last week. Thanks Rach!



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amy! I can't wait to see my bears! They are so, so darling! The colors are JUST PERFECT! -Jessica

anniebel said...

Those are adorable! Love the hippos too. They are so cute! What a beautiful child!