Monday, December 17, 2007

Wee Little Blue Crab

Here are Rebecca's wee little blue crab longies. Dear Rebecca's husband: I know you had a lot of input on these and I love that, so I hope they turned out how you wanted them. I think you made the right choice with the blue. Go Dads!

Wee Little Blue Crab is the first of many critter longies coming up this month. I have a beaver, a hippo and a bear in the works as well. Since I've never done any of these before in my life, it should be interesting.

And I realize I havent' posted any Henry pictures in a while. We have been so busy traveling that I haven't really been taking any pictures lately.

I also have to share an amazing find I made over at Etsy. Henry is tall and skinny so we have a pants problem (especially since drawstrings are apparently a grave choking hazard to 4 year olds and so I keep buying drawstring pants only to find that the drawstrings are "decorative" and don't actually draw. Annoying). If the pants are long enough, they fall right off his skinny bum. If they don't fall down they are 2" too short. So I went on The Great Belt Hunt of 2007. I wanted something cool that he could get off quickly so he didn't have accidents while trying to manipulate some silver buckle or something. I found nothing. And then (as usual) Etsy came through for me and I found Hipsqueaks. I would generally not spend that much on a kid's belt, but I had been looking for so long that I just bought it. PayPal be damned. I am soooo glad I did. The belt rocks. It is way cuter even than it looks in her pictures and he can get it open no problem. I haven't had a chance to take a picture of it on him yet, but I wanted to post before I forgot because my brain is a sieve.

A note about Crankypants stuff:

Kyle's grandmother fell and had to have emergency surgery on her hip this weekend. We decided to move our holiday plans up a bit so we can go see her. So we'll be leaving this Wednesday afternoon and driving all evening and most of Thursday morning. We'll be in Miami Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and I won't have access to a computer. After that we'll be at Kyle's folks' house, so I'll have computer access again, but I won't be home to ship again until late next week.


Susannah said...

Amy, that top picture of Henry looks so much like you! I am sorry about Kyle's grandmother, I hope she is doing better. Have a great Christmas, travel safely! Susannah

Kayla said...

I'm soo sorry to hear about Kyle's Grandmother..I hope that she recovers quickly.

Also, I have a tall skinni mini and we have a hard time finding pants long enough for her legs without swallowing her in the waist. But we have to buy all her pants at Old Navy now. I don't know if you shop there, but they have adjustable waists on all the girl jeans, so I would see if they have them for the boys. They work soo well and the elastic draw up part is on the inside of the pants. :)

Amy said...

I actually discovered the Old Navy adjustable waist about 2 hours after I bought that belt. It's okay, though. I usually get all of Henry's clothes at a huge consignment sale they have here twice a year (I sell his stuff and buy the next size up and usually break about even) and I fear the mall (our Old Navy is in a mall) so the belt will get a work out anyway.