Monday, December 31, 2007

I Stink.

With Henry and Kyle home and bored all day I found myself with the options of either getting all my longies out in the mail today or taking pictures and getting them in the mail tomorrow. They went out today. No pictures. Sorry guys, I hope you like surprises! I just couldn't manage to pull it together. Also, Kyle informed me today that while he is going back to school on Wednesday, he doesn't think Henry goes back until Thursday. Gah! I love the kid, but I am ready to have my house and my routine back.

So tomorrow is customs day, woohoo! I might throw some little surprise things up on the HC tomorrow, too, so check in there 'round about 10am EST after you send me an email.

Does everyone have big plans tonight? I kind of wish I was still doing the midnight madness thing so we could have a little Cranky party to ring in the New Year. In reality, I'll be watching a movie and probably fall asleep on the couch. Kyle said that in his grandmother's nursing home they set the clocks ahead 3 hours so they can ring in the New Year at 9pm and go to bed early. I'm thinking it over...

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Lisa said...

Did I miss the surprise things? I was watching yesterday and today.