Monday, December 03, 2007

I Found Her!

Alright, my customs list is complete, sorry mamas. My first email must be sitting in spam land somewhere...

During the tiny smooch of time I had between finishing my last November custom and starting my first December one, I managed to squeek in a wee bit of personal crafting.

A hat I made for Henry out of "Sky Monkey" yarn from Natural Home Presents. It was originally a pair of small longies, but I accidentally knit them on a 9 needle instead of an 8 so they were too loose. I adapted the pattern really quickly and made them into a hat with short rows so it covers his neck in the back. I put it on his head briefly last night to see if it fit, and he reacted by screaming "It feels terrible!" and ejecting it from his head. Nice. Now, this thing is the softest BFL yarn ever, there is no way it feels terrible. When we get up to CT in the 20 degree snowiness I think he will be changing his tune. It looks much cuter on him, though, I assure you...

Tommy and Lisa are very good friends that live down the street. Henry adores them and so do we. One of their favorite things is to go to the tailgate market, so I got a little red tote and embellished with with an extra big super cool Fishcakes patch.

Back to the needles!

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