Monday, October 15, 2007

Lots O Stuff..

Wow, it's nice to sit down to post and actually have things to say! Lots of them are business-y, so all of you Crankyheads listen up!!!

First. I know I have had some pleas to keep the Midnight Madness Crankypants ordering system in place. BUT... I just don't think it is going to work anymore. There are too many people and too much drama for me to handle that way. As you guys all know, I'm in the midst of a giant website overhaul, so as I was writing the custom ordering information for the new site I really had to think about what would be nice and easy to understand and carry out and what would be the most fair. I have decided on this:

The auctions will be the same-2 before and 2 after the mad rush. The mad rush will change so it isn't so mad anymore. I will open up for custom requests on the first of every month from 10am to noon. I will have a random generator pick the list for me. I will only take one email per person and I will no longer be accepting emails from friends on your behalf. One person, one chance. I'll post the list and notify people asap after noon. That's it, easy peasy. Because I do love the mad midnight dash and all of the excitement and community that surrounds it, I'll be doing other stuff to keep that feeling alive, like give aways and whatnot. I'll still be fun. Pinky swear.

Second. I just listed a handful of monster bags on my Etsy shop so go check them out. Henry was kind enough to model a couple yesterday and I have to show off the pictures...

That green one has already been snatched up (the red one is up now-link's on the left sidebar), but I'm going to be open to requests for bags soon, too, so if you need that one, let me know.

My friend Lisa also agreed to a tiny modeling session in her driveway last night for another bag that is up in the shop now...

On to the custom pictures...

Claire's Orange Monster Booty:

Meagan's Olive Monster Booty:

Shana's Black Monster Booty:

All 3 together, a happy monster booty family:

Also, wait listers, take heart! Some of these are going to Mahar Dry Goods and some of them are coming to you! I will be contacting people this week.

Angelika's (husband's, lol) Bear's longies are next on my list. Hopefully he'll have them by the time they play the Lions (which is our team coming from MI and all, sorry Angelika's husband!).

I think that's all. I hope everyone is well!


Anonymous said...


I saw that you lived in NC, but for some reason I felt that you had some Michigan flair to you lol I lived in Michigan for about 10 years myself. I really miss it this time of year!

Jessica HB

Kayla said...

You have been one busy woman Amy!!

Terra said...

I just wanted to say I think the new system sounds great. Very fair, not quite as overwhelming for you or as hopeless for us, lol. Good idea! Can't wait to try. :)

Anonymous said...

As a Bears fan... my husband and I think a blue and orange monster longies would be the cutest --- they would be "Monsters of the Midway" Pants!
If I ever get a custom slot, that's my order :)

Shayla said...

I love those Amy!! I want you to do another Super Duper Abracadabra Magic Yarn Ball! :)

Shayla said...

Oh and the Monster Family is really cute! :) But the purse is still my fave! LOL