Sunday, October 14, 2007

Asheville, Sweet Asheville

Ohhhhhh I am so glad to be home! Yesterday was a long day. L-O-N-G, long.

The booth (note the "very handmade looking" Crankypants banner):

My welcome sign:

Monster Bag Display:

Tee Shirt Display:

Soap Display:

Okay, this is kind of weird. At one point a giant bunny chased a man with a large mustache through the middle of the whole thing. It was some sort of high school Jackass thing, I think, but it was entertaining.

The good:
I got to meet a couple of awesome customers who came by to say hi and check out my booth. It was definitely the high point of my day (at 9am, yikes!). It was so cool to put faces to names and see little Ms. Piper rockin' her crazy legged Princess Monster longies. I got to meet some really cool vendors (the organizers of the show were super sweet and cool) and made some crafty new Asheville buddies who are gung ho to do a holiday show in town. I got to hang out with Melissa all day, which was lovely.

The bad:
We got lost on the way there. I locked my change in the car causing absolute panic until I remembered (after I had already hauled booty back to the car) that the keys were in my hoodie pocket. Back at the booth. We got lost trying to find dinner and ended up at the most annoying sports bar ever. We got lost on the way home. Are you seeing a theme here? Next time we directionally impaired ladies drive somewhere together we are getting a good map and highlighting the route. We'll still probably get lost.

The ugly:
I barely made enough money at the fair to cover costs. The show was set up way off the beaten path and there didn't seem to be any signage or much visible advertising at all. The poor mamas at the booth next to us didn't make a sale until after 3pm. I had a bit of flow for a while, but it just wasn't really my crowd. They weren't a monster-y bunch.

It's okay, though It was a good experience and I have a bunch of monster bags to put up in the Etsy shop now, woohoo! Look for them tomorrow. I am going to take today to put my house back together and spend some quality time with my little man.

Later gators.


Kayla said...

That stinks...too bad that more of us Crankymama's weren't know we would have raided your booth! :)

liz said...

glad you're back!
did you say a holiday craft show here in asheville?! let's talk soon - i want to know more!!

Taryn said...

Welcome back! Sorry that sales did not go better...but now we can claim the left overs!