Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whip Up!

A super big thanks to the folks over at Whip Up for including my Gryffindor longies in their latest "What's Knitting" feature! WooHoo!

And thanks to Liz who sent me the link! I have been meaning to post about her new shop, Cozy Blue, for a long time now. She has some super cute toddler hats, library bags and softies over there, so if you want to get a jump on your Winter/ Holiday shopping I would go take a look!

But don't try to get there by clicking on this picture because I am not web savvy enough to know how to make that work!

Amy's Work Days Left Countdown: 4


liz said...

aw..., thanks amy!
and congratulations on the WhipUp spot - it is one of the coolest (and one of my favorite) craft blogs around! and your longies definitely fit right in... go crankypants, go!

Kayla said...

Hope you guys are doing ok and enjoying your weekend!