Monday, August 27, 2007


My wonderful sister in law and love gave me the great suggestion of just giving the wait list a blog of its very own. It is here:
Classic Crankypants Wait List.

I also reposted the rules over there, so I hope that people will read them and not be confuzzled as to what the list is all about. I also put a link to the list/blog over there in the sidebar, underneath the other Crankypants links. That way you don't have to keep track of yet another blog address, you can just come here and click the link. I will keep editing that same blog post as I go down the list, so there should always just be "The Rules" and "The List". It isn't a blog I will actually write on.

Please note:::: I have a few pairs of Classic Crankypants here right now! They just need to be finished. So if you see someone who is behind you on the list initially get theirs first it is because I happened to have what they need right now. There are only a few and once they are gone it will be straight down the list.

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