Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pretty Perfect Day...

Well, today was my very last day of summer vacation. Tomorrow it is back to work for me. The kids don't start until Thursday so the beginning of the week will no doubt consist of countless meetings and room organizing. Fun! I am actually looking forward to getting back on a schedule. Unfortunately, Henry doesn't start school until next Monday, so he will be shuffled around this week as Kyle and I settle in at work. I know he can't wait to get back to school and see his friends and indulge in all of the messy art projects that I am too wimpy to attempt at home.


Today we woke up and met our friends Erica, Tommy and Lisa to head on up to Graveyard Fields for some more berry picking and river walking. It was an amazing morning. We hiked in and picked for a while, ate lunch on a rock below the falls, picked more berries, and Henry and I watched while everyone else jumped off the rocks into the swimming hole under the waterfall.

Tommy (and Lisa hiding in the background) in the berry bushes.

The view from our picnic spot on the rocks in the river.

Henry dancing on the rocks.

Tommy, Lisa and Erica swimming in the freezing swimming hole beneath the waterfall. The water was so cold that even Henry wouldn't go in.

My boys.

After we got home Kyle made some blueberry pancakes for dinner with some of the 5lbs. we picked. Yumma! While he was cooking them up I finished up Tanya's Black Monster Booty longies and snapped a couple of quick pictures:

I hope you like them, mama! They'll be in tomorrow's mail.

In other news, I've asked to be a guest crafter at Venus Vanguard's special Talk Like a Pirate Day stocking on September 11 at HC, so look for me over there! I am pretty swamped so I don't think I'll have a ton, but there will be some bits and pieces. Arrrrrgh!


Val said...

OMGoodness! Those are adorable! Yeah... I really need to get some for Logan, I know we talked about it months ago, but now he is wearing things like that. They are offically needed. :) Email me...

I love your blog! I think I had it on my friends before my blog disaster last year... well, it is now added again.

You have a beautiful child as well. SO photogenic. Just stunning picture.

Love Val

liz said...

hey amy-
today must have been blueberry day. we also took a hike up to graveyard fields for some picking and swimming, and i saw a few other cars in the parking area that i recognized... i gues everyone had the same good idea. i'm trying to save the rest of our blueberries for pancakes tomorrow morning!
good luck with the back-to-work shuffle.
see you soon!

Kayla said...

Awesome longies..and now I need to find a blueberry bush..

Jessie said...

Looks like another fun day for your family - the longies and shorties turned out perfect. Good luck this week mama!