Sunday, August 26, 2007

Holy Kamolies!

That's Henry's new phrase.

Wow, but I got a lot of emails tonight! I have gotten a few concerned emails that I have responded to some emails but not others so folks are afraid I didn't get their emails and whatnot (wow, could I use the word 'emails' a few more times? Did that even make sense?). I'm only responding to folks who left off information or who asked a questions, so don't worry if I didn't email you back. There are too many of you to email back individually, I'm sorry! I tried posting the list as it came together on the sidebar of this blog but it is a weird list making thingie and it went from bottom to top and only showed the most recent 8 additions to the list. No good to anyone and quite confusing. Tomorrow I will figure out a way to post the list so you guys can keep track of your progress to the top. It seems long, but I am hoping that once I have help it will go quickly and everyone will be Crankified this longies season. Those of you who are my faithful readers know that I have to be up at the crack of dawn to go wrangle 65 3rd graders, so I am off to bed. I'll answer any and all questions and get the list up tomorrow. If you see folks who don't read the blog voicing concern over issues I've talked about here or looking for sizes or whatever, could you point them in the right direction? I'll have a more making sense type post tomorrow, I promise. Now, I must sleep.

Sweet dreams.


Kayla said...

Thanks for updating. I was worried for a bit, specially with all the sudden surge of people! :)

Feeling overwhelmed yet? *grin*

Jessie said...

Hope that you had a wonderful first day of school mama!

Taryn said...

He He! Ethan always says "Holy Shamolies!" My Dad taught it to him and thinks it is hilarious!