Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Packin' and Repackin'

I am almost all packed up and ready for our early trip to Ct tomorrow morn. Our friend Tommy is going to pick us up at 7 to go grab some coffee and a bagel and drop us off at the airport. I am so excited! Henry can't wait either. He was a total spazmatron as I was trying to wrestle him down to bed. I had to sing Sweet Baby James aaaaand the Nocturnal Animal song before he'd even put his head on the pillow.

While Kyle was giving him a bath tonight I whipped up some more bag pieces so I hope I'll have more monster bags finished soon. Yay monster bags! I have to admit that I am going to have a hard time letting those guys go.

Henry got his birthday present from Auntie B yesterday and I finally got pictures of it. These will no doubt launch Henry's illustrious career as a child model. You can see how gleeful and cooperative he is while getting his picture taken. And I took out the other 53 pictures where he is either waving his arms around so much that he is just a blurry blob or completely covering his face with his hands. That's m'boy.

Note his monogram on the front. And yes that is a giant TV in the background. Kyle bought it as a wedding present to us when we got married. He said "It looked smaller in the box". Wha? I always feel weird about owning such a big TV.

Super cool red robot on the back of the hoodie. How many 4 year old have hoodies specially designed for them? He is going to rock preschool this Fall. Thanks Auntie B!!!

And I'm off to bed. Morning is going to come early. Oh wait! Christopher Walken is on The Daily Show! Maybe I can stay up just a leeeeetle bit longer...

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Auntie K said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you guys!

Yeah, big TVs...must be a boy thing. Wait until you see the monstrosity your brother bought last week. I'm sure he can't wait to dork out on the HD, 1080 whatever specificities with Kyle.

I apologize ahead of time.