Thursday, July 19, 2007


After a long day of travelling yesterday we are all in CT safe and sound. I spent the whole trip rereading the last Harry Potter so that I am prepared to read the next one on the way home. Henry is in the kitchen with Memere telling her all about the differences between the "good frog" and "bad frog" on the Rice Krispies box. I think he woke up already talking. Memere is loving it, of course.
I got myself a tiny treat yesterday that will be waiting for me on my doorstep when I get home. A set of fancypants dangle free stitch markers from Hide and Sheep on Etsy.

I can't wait to use them. They look so pretty. Now if someone could figure out a way to do a fancy and pretty split ring marker I would love them for ever and ever. I don't know how you'd do it, though.
Today we are taking a family field trip to Boston. We are going to take Henry to the Boston Children's Museum and then poke around a bit. Kyle has never been before, so we'll do Quincey Market/ Fanieul Hall and some of the other touristy stuff. Kyle wants to go to the harbor and look at all the boats and things. When Henry and I woke up and came downstairs I caught my mom on the laptop with a "Boston yarn store" Google search open. Gotta love my mom.
And now it is time to rescue her from Henry, who still has her trapped at the kitchen table telling her all about every random little thing that pops into his head...


tlc22 said...

I started rereading HP 6 last night too. #7 should be delivered on the release date, yay! I wish I could read in the car. I have always gotten nauseated within the first 2 minutes. Have fun in CT!

Andrea said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! You must tell Boston I said hello. Love that city, lived there 5 years and met my hubby there. While you're in Fanieul Hall, you should walk to the North End down Hanover Street and get a very awesome cannoli at Mike's Pastry. Then if you keep heading down Hanover, you'll end up at the Harbor and can make a right and walk along it (Commercial St) back toward downtown.

Teneik said...

Love love love Quincy market and Fanieul Hall!!