Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Boxer Prints! Yay!

While Henry was sleeping ("I'm not tiiiiiiiiired" *konk*) I had the chance to snap a couple of quick pictures of the new boxer prints.

Astronaut Numbers:

Blue Green Monsters:

While I was doing that, Kyle ran to the grocery store. He came back with a big, fat smile. "I'm making grilled chicken" (my favorite) he said. "And grilling some zucchini" (also my favorite). I thought to myself what a wonderful husband I have and wondered why he was going back out to the car. "Annnnnd", he said as he came back inside with a rather large bag, "Look what I found!". A Wii. To go next to our Playstation 2, our Game Cube and the X Box that he bought me for my birthday 3 years ago (No, I'm not kidding, he really bought me an XBox for my birthday. Homer Simpson much?). Thanks Mom and Dad! This is what he bought with the birthday money you sent. Next time give me the money and I'll buy him the present. I'm kidding (sort of). He's wanted this thing forever. And I continue to bide my time until I find the world's perfect laptop... Or maybe I can get one of those aMAZing knitting bags that Kelly got from... Kelly, who did you get that bag from, Ah May??? Yummy.


Taryn said...

LOVE the new boxer prints! Let me know when they are availiable!


The Wool Geek said...
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Kelly said...

Yup, the bag came from Allison at Ahmay Designs. After many months I'm still in love with it and carry it everywhere I go. The matching circs cases and straight needle case came from Nurturing Threads. Allison is a sweetheart and might be able to fit you in for a custom with some begging ;)

Kayla said... sound like us. We have a Wii, a Xbox 360 and 2 Nintendo DS's...we just sold our original xbox for the newer version...I'm glad I like playing them or I'd go mad! The boxers are adorable by the way. I can't wait till my son is old enough to actually get to use such cuteness. :)