Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Knitting Curiousness...

SO I was thinking about Joyce's knitting meme that she posted on her blog the other day. The one thing I am always curious about is what kind of knitting gear other folks use. I know people that are happy with a ziplock baggie and an old purse to store/carry their gear and I know people who have spent hundred on gorgeous hand made knitting gear.

I am a big tightwad by nature. I can't shell out money for anything for myself, pretty much. A while back (years??) my awesome sister in law, Kirstin (call her KiKi, she loooves that), got me a gift certificate to her local (at the time, they've since moved away) yarn store-the very drool worthy Webb's. I spent it on this needle roll:

Wow, those are bad pictures.

It has 3 sections: a zippered pocket for notions, a center panel for circulars and a third panel with pockets for straights. I never use straights, so that section is always empty. I put my double points in the notions pocket because I don't like it when they slide out of the open topped straights pockets.

For my stitch markers I use this little tin that I couldn't resist at JoAnne's one day:

It used to have mints in it. I don't even like mints, but I am a complete sucker for cute tin packaging. I would probably buy a crusty toenail if you packaged it right. It's sad, really. But this tin comes in really handy for the markers. My absolute favorite stitch markers are those little green plastic split ring kinds, but I have a hard time finding them. The split ring kind are cool, too, but they pop off all the time and that bugs. I adore my little Buddha and mushroom markers (the only ones I kept for myself) but they aren't split, so I can only use them on projects where I don't have to move them around too much or it gets tedious.

I don't have a project bag. I fondled and fell in love with my local customer and yarn mama's knitting bag that she got from an HC mama. I want to say Ah May/Nurturing Threads, but I could be wrong. I'm hoping she'll do this meme and post a picture so you can see it. It's gorgeous. I use a handled Rubbermaid tub if I am going somewhere for a long time (like vacation) or any ole bag if I'm just going to the playground or something. I have used Trader Joe's Bags, Earth Fare bags, old purses or, in a pinch, throw everything into my messenger bag.

Oh, and as far as actual needles, I am a complete snob and only use Addi Turbos. I know a lot of people love bamboo, and I use bamboo dpns, but for regular knitting I find them impossibly slow.

But I want to know what YOU use! What kind of cool gear do you have? I wanna see! And if you have some swank stuff, tell me where you got it. If you post pictures in your blog, leave me the link in the comments.

And that is all for today. I promise.

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