Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Day After...


I am the first one up in the house today. That doesn't happen very often. I would love a cup of coffee but I don't want to wake Henry up grinding the beans. I am sure yesterday wore him out. And now the picture madness begins...

Henry was very specific about what he wanted done with his cake. We have friends who own a local bakery so we usually get cakes from them, but he didn't want that. He wanted "White cake, vanilla frosting, sprinkles". And he wanted to do it himself. After putting a jillion sprinkles on he shook his head and said "There are too many". Then, he took 2 sprinkles off, popped them in his mouth and declared it perfect.

Here he is showing off his masterpiece.

He didn't want me to write on it with that icing stuff, so I made him some little cake decorations that wouldn't goop up his perfect sprinkle design out of construction paper and toothpicks.

My friend Melissa and her son (Henry's friend McKai) stopped by early to say hi. Her husband just got ordained in an online church so he could marry some friends having a "Roaring '20s" theme wedding, taking place the same time as our shindig. Her hair was all set for her flapper 'do. I can't wait to see pictures of it after the scarf and pins came out.

We decided at the last minute that the cake wouldn't feed everyone (we ended up being right, too) so Henry and Kyle got to work on a batch of chocolate cupcakes.

As I was getting the back porch ready, a praying mantis stopped by to say hello and wish Henry a Happy Birthday.

I don't really know what was happening here, I just think this picture is really cool. It almost looks like I cut Henry out and pasted him in front of the lily background.

Tommy is ready to eat cake!

The bouncy house at low occupancy. I think we squished about 10 kids in there at the peak of use. Nope, no one got hurt. Yay! This bouncy house showed up on our doorstep one morning, a gift from Kyle's folks who had seen some other grandkids jumping in theirs and had to get Henry one. It is awesome to have at times like this.

I made this banner to decorate the back porch. I wish I got a better picture of it, it came out really cool. Maybe I'll try again today when the light is better out there.

Oooooh, a Spiderman alarm clock. I only wish he slept late enough where an alarm clock would be necessary. Someday... until then, it will just be a cool decoration.

Kyle's present- a skateboard. Oy.

Luke and his papa, Brian, just chillin. Luke has to be the most laid back, easy going baby on the planet. I am going to have to use him as a model someday.

Making a call on his spankin' new Spiderman phone.

What's better than a bouncy house? A bouncy house with balls!

Going over the wall!

And the pictures end there. I think I am going to go to the bakery this morning and then try to sit down and work for a chunk of time. I am down to the mouth of Laura's girly monster and I'd like them to be finished tomorrow.

I hope everyone is well.


alseedus said...

Love your picture posts! Great job on those party decorations :-)

joyce said...

what an awesome day! it looks like so much fun. i think he had a good birthday :)

liz said...

the party was great, amy!
everything turned out wonderfully - the cake, the food, the decorations, the bouncy house, the food (did i say food already?).

we had a super-fun time & i hope henry did too. thanks for having us.

happy birthday henry - enjoy your loot!

Dana said...

What an awesome party! Henry is such a cutie!