Saturday, January 13, 2007


I just had to pop on to post a picture of my nephew Sam in the easy peasy cardigan that I knit for him over the holiday break. He is also chillin' on the log cabin that I knit for him when he was still being carried around in the belly. It is like I am giving him a big, fat, wooly hug from 950 miles away. That is what I love so much about knitting. Auntie K was afraid that he looked like Hitler youth in that second picture, but I think it looks more like a Rebel Yell.

I hope to update tomorrow with some pictures of Britton's 3 pairs of longies that will go out on Tuesday, but I have to finish the last leg of the last pair tonight. We also have a birthday party for Henry's friend Adella tomorrow morning. Here is Henry and the birthday girl playing "monsters" together earlier this week:

Tomorrow evening we are going to sign the lease for the new house we are moving into on the first. Hopefully, I can take a few pictures and post them while Henry is taking his nap in the afternoon.

Night night!

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