Monday, January 15, 2007

Mssssss. Britton

Henry has decided that our desktop computer is his domain, so I have to update with pictures ever so quickly while he is sleeping. Here are your last 2 pairs of longies, m'dear (sorry about the icky indoor lighting, it wasn't very nice out yesterday):

In other exciting news, we are moving on the 1st! In our new house, I will have a nice, big, office space in the basement. I can't frelling wait! I am going to set up my sewing machine and a knitting machine down there and put dorky knitting pictures and my uberdorky Veronica Mars calendar up on the walls-and not feel bad about it because it will be MY SPACE!!! WooHoo!

I am one leg short of being done with Heidi's Jolly Rogers and then I ahve a Mahar Dry Goods order to do before I get back to my list. We are moving right along, so I expect everything to be going out on time. *knocks on wood*

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Anonymous said...

Amy, Love them all and cant wait for some shorties in march!! Britton