Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Wow, time has flown! The last two months have been absolutely crazy and I have neglected the blog. Crankypants seems to be getting too big for its britches right now. Between custom orders through my website, my Hyena Cart (which has also been sorely neglected) and supplying longies for Mahar Dry Goods, my fingers can't keep up. I am hoping that since the holiday season is coming to a close, things will slow down and I will have more time to keep up with y'all properly. Tomorrow I plan on starting the New Year with a few changes. First of all, by finally uploading pictures of what I've been up to since my last post. There are lots of cool pictures of custom pieces stuck in my computer waiting to be seen. Since my husband got an IPod for Christmas this year, I have been banished to the 8 year old hand-me-down laptop in the family room and don't have access to them until he is finished downloading his 12 bajillion favorite songs.

In 2007 (tomorrow, lol) I'll be changing the way I am doing my customs list. Starting tomorrow, I am going to open customs on the first of the month and take only the amount of orders I think I can complete in that month. I will put any extra custom slots or in stock merchandise up on Hyena Cart whenever I get a chance.

I am also going to start stocking a few t-shirt designs from Nee Nee Face. Nicole and I worked together to bring the "My Mom Rocks" t-shirt to fruition and I really enjoyed seeing something I dreamed up on a little tee. I have a couple of other design ideas floating around in my head that we are going to try to work out soon. It is so hard to know what kind of thing is going to go over well, so I am just going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I also recently caught the stitch marker bug, so I'll be stocking some of those for my fellow knit geeks. I found some pretty cool hand painted beads at a local shop, so I am hoping to do something different than most of the other things available.

Okay, enough for now. I open everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and tomorrow begins a fabulous year for us all!

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