Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And Thus it Began...

...the self important ramblings of a knitter.

I decided to start this blog not only so my beloved customers could chart the progress of their stuff, but so they could get to know a wee bit. I know that while some are content ordering a pair of longies and having them eventually show up at their door, other folks would like a little peek behind the curtain to see what we knitters get up to and what the person they are spending their hard earned cash shopping with is like.

I will update my customs list here and post pictures of my progress on various projects, and I'll also post pictures of things I'm working on for future stockings. I'll also probably ramble on about my little man, Henry, and other things going on around here. Feel free to skim thorugh that stuff if you really just want to know when your monster booty shorts will get there already.

I am going to knit and watch Project Runway right now (I am hopelessly adicted) and I will post some pictures and a customs list in the AM. Night night!

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