Monday, January 09, 2012


Every day right before it is time to pick Henry up from school and take him to taekwondo (or on errands, or home to wrestle over writing homework) I decide that I may not be able to function any longer if I don't get a little jolt of caffeine rightthissecondthankyouverymuch. I used to pick him up and then set a horrible example by driving through some awful drive through place to get a quick coffee fix. Now. Now, thanks to my fabulous husband who aced Christmas this year, I can whip up a latte super quick with my very own teeny little espresso machine. Everyone is much happier when mama has 24 hour cappuccino access, no? Oh yes.

Also? That REI travel mug is the best travel mug on the planet. I bemoaned spending that much money on a travel mug (even though we had a coupon), but that was about 3 years ago and i've used that thing pretty much every day. The one beef? It doesn't fit in a car cup holder. Good thing the seal actually holds and it could roll around in the bottom of the car for a week without spilling a drop. Not that you'd want to drink out of it at that point, know what I'm getting at.

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