Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Henry!

Yesterday we celebrated Henry's 8th birthday a week late at the super laid back Arcade Asheville, an old school arcade downtown. No singing mice, no bad pizza, no seizure inducing lights. Just Dig Dug, Skee Ball and Tron playing on the back wall...

Henry wandered around while he waited for guests to arrive.

I tried to add a touch of handmade to the goodie bags with Mario moustaches on a stick and felt Mario star pins.

Yes, we made everyone Mario it up for us...

Henry kicked my tail in Skee Ball

We ate our 1-UPcakes...

Opened presents

Took one last Mario-esque group shot

And headed off to Henry's Late Birthday Part II: Harry Potter 7.2!!!! We chose to go classic and see it in 2D and it was amazing. Aside from the mom who thought it was a good idea to bring her 2 year old and sit right in front of me (gah!) it was pretty perfect. I was surprised at how emotional it was watching everything wrap up and come to a close. Harry Potter has been a part of our lives for so long! What's next?


anniebel said...

Looks like Henry had himself a pretty cool birthday party!!! Luck boy he is!! Love those stashes!

KLamonde said...

Happy Birthday Henry!!!!

I have still never seen a 3d movie...not sure why? Well, I've only seen 3 movies in the last 4 years. And when that luxury happens it tends to be something...well, with a cute boy tortured by his love for the sassy and smart girl. NOt really 3D fodder. (wow, that actually sums up about of 80% of all the movies I've ever wanted to see...i'm boring.)