Thursday, January 06, 2011


It has been anything but beachy around here! We've been having the kind of heavy grey weather that makes me want to eat my weight in junk food, watch bad tv and has me living in fear of the dreaded snow days. I swear I saw a few flakes earlier and I'm getting jittery. Now, now, I love Henry and the occasional snow day is super fun-but- the 2 weeks before holiday break consisted of exactly ONE full day of school. That's right. Out of the 10 days preceding the 2 week+ break, Henry had 4 snow days and 5 two hour delays. I can't handle that again so soon after my blessed routine has returned!

Anyhoo. I was appreciative to get to escape from the real weather outside my door and into these super bright and beachy longies for a while! The count down for Spring Break at the beach has officially begun! Yeah, I know it's not until April. This could be a long winter...

Speaking of snow days- local peeps can tune in to the channel 13 news tonight between 5-6:30 to see Henry getting interviewed about how HE feels about all the snow days we've been having!

Speaking of customs- January's last custom slot is up for grabs until 10pmEST today in the HC shop. Follow the link HERE.

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