Monday, September 27, 2010

Type A Mom

Though I would never in a million years define myself as a Type A Mom, I was super excited to be invited to attend the local Type A Mom Conference. 300 mom bloggers, marketers, PR people and business owners descended on Asheville to attend workshops, eat too much and party like rock stars. I have a bunch of things converging riht now so I couldn't be there for the whole thing, but I got to pop in for a bit each day, hear some great talks and meet a ton of amazing mamas!

Sunday morning was the local mama business owners' market, so I set up and slung some monsters. I made sure I was next to the most excellent Ms. Robin Plemmons, aka Lemons with a Pea, aka Balls to the Wall, Y'all!

This is her, with one of her awesome #twittery Christmas ornaments.

And my stuffs, some old some new.

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anniebel said...

Hope all went well! Looks like fun!