Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Week Down...

Our first weekend after back to school was our annual big group camping trip to Hot Springs to celebrate the birthday of one of Henry's oldest friends. Unfortunately, it was also the weekend the drought decided to break and send a torrential downpour our way. The mountains were pretty. The camping situation?

Not so much...

The weather didn't stop all of the super manly men from executing their annual manly crossing of the French Broad, though- see them way over there on the other side? Manly.

It is a testament to just how awesome our friends are that we managed to have a good time despite being trapped under a tarp for a good portion of the weekend. As the birthday girl stated so eloquently in her after-present-opening-speech: "I LOVE YOU PEOPLE"!

The good news is that Fall seems to finally be on the way in. the mornings and evenings have gotten cooler and I actually had to wear a hoodie to walk Henry to school this morning-very exciting. It can be difficult to get motivated to knit up oodles of wool in 98+ degree weather. I'm hoping this little cool down will help me to pick up the pace and start cranking out some hand knit goodness!

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