Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June! June! June!

Getting a full day's work done with the little beast home from school is proving to be challenging. Luckily, I married a teacher and he will soon be able to be "primary caregiver" (in theory) during the day while I get out into the studio to chip away at the huge to do list I need to tackle before we go on the Grand Summer Adventure of 2010.

While I will continue to work on customs on the road, the shop will be closed for 3 weeks starting this Saturday. Lots of loose little ends need to be woven in before then!

One less thing on my plate is this Happy Little Baby Monster, who went into the mail heading towards his new home yesterday. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easy peasy rice and cheesy, Christia! I look forward to seeing pictures of the new little man when he makes his grand appearance!

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