Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last Sunday was the second of two big events that have been taking up a lot of planning time in in the Kett household, the First Annual JTF National Taekwondo Invitational Tournament. I am NOT a naturally athletic person and the idea of getting up in front of hundreds of people and competing in this tournament, well... as our favorite monster doodler, Mo Willems would say... it scared the tuna salad out of me. So I signed up hoping to give a little tug at the edges of my comfort zone and do something I never thought I would. I took first in forms and second in sparring for my bracket.

I think that, as a mom, I get so invested in Henry's success and character building that I forget about my own. It is nice to step out of the lobby where the moms beam with pride for their kids and do something that lets Henry have the opportunity to be proud of me. I forget that piece of the puzzle sometimes. It's good to remember.

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