Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy February!

Happy February all! The winter has really been showing its face around here. Friday brought a big white snow storm that has had me hiding indoors for the past 3 days. While Henry has been running around in the snow with his friends, I have been huddled up on the couch knitknitknitting my little heart out!

This is what the Crankypants World HQ studio looks like right now:

I somehow managed to squeek out the last of my January customs- a trio of sock monkeys for a wee little set of triplet girls!

My February list has been composed (yay Kerri and double Ambers!) and custom auctions are underway at the HC shop. I am also still taking pre-orders for Crankypants Valentine-o-Grams and stocking at Venus Vanguard this Thursday at 8pmEST.


anniebel said...

How cute!! Wouldn't it be nice to see the triples pictures in them!! How old?

Don Peloton said...

C'est super joli!!! Leurs grands sourires sont très jais!!!!
Bonne journée!