Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Pt.1 (The Bad News)

This has been quite the up and down weekend for us! It was going to be a jam packed weekend to begin with. We had taekwondo class, a birthday party, a sleep over and taekwondo testing for Henry to get his yellow belt. We geared up for the craziness by meeting up at our favorite Mexican place in town and were headed home to relax- Henry and I in the little white Rabbit and Kyle in the van. I stopped to make a left hand turn (yes, I had my blinker on. no, I didn't stop suddenly) and Henry and I were hit from behind by a teenage girl driving a super humungo Escalade. The rear window shattered and the rear end of the little Rabbit was decimated. I got flung around a bit in the front seat. The Escalade airbags went off. Thankfuly, my Memere reached her hand down from above once again and, aside from a little glass in his hair, Henry was untouched. An Escalade smashed into the back of my tiny sub compact hatch back at speeds high enough to trigger their air bags and Henry wasn't hurt a bit in the back seat. It doesn't escape me how lucky we are.

After spending a few hours at Urgent Care on Saturday morning I was sent home with a "yup, that back/neck pain sounds about right" and a prescription for muscle relaxers that make me feel like the walking dead. Kyle tells me that people take them for fun but I can't believe it. The upside? I took my half last night and didn't seem to mind watching football before climbing up to bed (poor Favre). Today begins the battle with the insurance companies to see if we are going to have to total the little Rabbit out or if it can be fixed.

Last night I was whining about it a bit, this being the second time in 6 months that we've been rear ended by a huge vehicle. Last time the guy took off and we had to buy a new car on our own dime. This time smashing up our new car and leaving us to start all over again. Why uuuuuuuuuuuus? It's not faaaiiiiiiiir. Kyle quickly reminded me what real problems look like and how we'll bounce back one step at a time. So here we go...

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anniebel said...

Memere is a pretty busy Angel up there! Kodoos to Kyle for helping to keep things in perspective. It's not always an easy thing to do! Glad Henry is alright and hope you are feeling wonderful soon! We Love you!! It's a bit scarey being so far away. Stay safe!